Even as the popular social network Facebook is trying to find its way out of Privacy issues, another new goof up has added to their troubles.

This time, Facebook got into trouble when many users claimed that the network automatically sends out friend requests to strangers without their consent. The friend requests usually go to people who are friends of friends.

The requests even go to the users who are are part of a network that users have joined. This can be a major privacy issue for many users.

Facebook has not been able to give a concrete explanation about this occurrence but they did go on to confirm that the automatic adding of friends is not a Facebook approved or developed feature.

Many social media experts believe that spurious Facebook applications are the reason for the bug. The applications are easy to create and can easily place a bug on your account if users provide the apps with their private data.

Nik Cubrilovic, a technology blogger, told the Herald in an interview that many users do not realize when they are giving away private data and spammers make loads of money ‘phising’ for information.

“Verified email addresses sell for 20c to one dollar each so if they are able to extract 100,000 verified email addresses from Facebook that is probably worth upwards of 20,000 dollars to spammers” ,

he said.

With Facebook being slammed for Online security this new bug is sure to cause many users to not ‘Like’ the social network till they set things right.