Google Launches Own Beer

The next time you search Google for names of Alcohol brands, you might come across a name- Urkontinent, Google’s own beer brew, in the top search list.

The search engine giant has partnered with Delaware based brewery Dogfish Head to create a unique limited edition beer.

What makes the beer different from other concoctions of its kind is the fact that the brew for Urkontinent has been made out of ingredient recommendations from Google employees all around the world.

According to Sam Calagione, the President of Dogfish Head, Urkontinent is a mixture of different continents around the world.

“It’s what Google does every day — take a fractured world of information and put it into something cohesive and whole”

For the beer, Google received around hundred recipes from Google offices around the world. The final mix consists of amaranth from South America, wattleseed from Australia, green roobios tea from Africa, Myrica Gale from Europe.

The brew also contains ‘Google Honey’, which comes from Google owned bee hives in California. This makes Urkontinent the perfect continental brew.

“The project with Dogfish Head brewery was a Googler-driven project organised by a group of craftbrewery aficionados across the company. While our Googlers had fun advising on the creation of a beer recipe, we aren’t receiving any proceeds from the sale of the beer and we have no plans to enter the beer business.”,

a Google Spokesperson said.

The beer, which launched on 27th September, has not yet reached full scale distribution, but it will hit the stands in the coming few months.

In order to promote the alcohol, Google put up a video on video hosting site Youtube, explaining the inception and making of the beer.

With the new move, beer fans around the world must definitely be saying ‘Cheers’ to Google.