According to reports by Experian Hitwise of the United States, with regards to search engine prospects, Google has comparatively increased its lead over its counterparts – Yahoo and Bing, in current months.

Bing-Logo-White-150x150google_logo smallThe latest survey in the United States has it that with an unmatched share of 71.08 % of all Internet searches over the U.S in the last four weeks up to October 3, Google is seemingly smooth sailing over the others. As the search engine leader is in a league of its own, Yahoo and Bing search engine markets have further dropped with a percentage of 16.38 and 8.96 respectively. On the other side, the dark horse recognized as, has raised its share in September by another 8% resulting upto 2.56% as compared to August.

And while Yahoo witnessed a 3 % drop in their online search market, Bing dipped a further 5%. Despite Google’s commanding status over the market, Microsoft has not yet succumbed and is still churning out an attacking campaign to get users on a track to Bing! Now that’s protest!

yahoo-logo11-150x150The ‘Internet Emperor’s’ monopoly is far fetched due to efficiency in its search engine tools which narrows down to the past one hour or specified dates related to search. Whereas for Bing, search engines are designed to understand what users seek online.

Moreover, the pact for a 10-year online search partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo, earlier this year in July, is allegedly to pose as a threat to the sky-rocketing Google. Seems like we’ll have to wait and see how this joint venture snatches away Google’s unperturbed glory. Or maybe nothing at all!