Google Top Management Inactive on Google+

Even as Google encourages people to use their social networks, the top brass of the search engine giant shy away from Google +

According to reports on social media blog,, noted Google employees like Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt do not even own a Google + account. Even CEO Larry Page has put up a scant 7 posts on the network since joining.

“Only 3 of the 12 people listed on the Google Management Team page have ever made a single public post on Google+, totaling just 29 posts ever and only 6 in September”,

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The SVP for Social Media, Vic Gundotra seems to be the only active member on the social network among Google employees. He has put above 150 posts since he joined Google +

The photo below shows a chart of Google employees who have been active on their own social network.


With reports of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg using his social network for the whole day, it seems like it is high time that Google’s management turns their attention on Plus if they expect to stay in the league.