Who said competitors can’t join forces?

Following the recent problem, e-mail service providers including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL have formed a coalition to fight against online phishing and fraudulent activities. The new efforts are believed to reduce the frequency of phishing activities online.

Phishing Emails are attempts to trick Internet users and obtain personal and financial details. Users often believe the information they provide is sent to a legitimate source, only to realize later, that they have been fooled. Some underlying innovations have been put into effect for the protection of  Internet users against phishing and other such online fraudulent acts.

The above mentioned companies are aiming to offer a helpful, safe and secure web environment for  online trading. By planning to promote technological tools that cater to better and secured mail services, these biggies are surely being collectively constructive.

The success of this new idea of authenticating -Emails will allow business entities and corporate giants to communicate with people on a whole new level. A customer can trust an e-mail guiding him to a link which can be prove lucrative to his financial and account information.

DigiMouth Speak -

The fact that companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are taking such incredible measures to stop phishing is a positive sign towards building a better future. Companies are working together to create new tools for authenticating Emails. Can we can trust this surprising, yet amazing alliance with delivering great results? Only time can answer that.