It seems that even hackers can’t resist Hollywood gossip. A group supposedly affiliated with the notorious hacker group Anonymous is now targeting celebrities from the tinsel town.

The group, which calls itself ‘Hollywood Leaks’,  intends to target the private lives of the celebrities and from the last few days have been pretty successful in doing so. A Twitter account, through which the group operates is garnering a huge fan following on the social network.

A lot of damage has been done since the group came into existence. The script of Tom Cruise‘s new movie ‘Rock Of Ages’ has been leaked to the public by  Hollywood Leaks. But out of these, the worst hit would be rapper and VMA nominee Kreayshawn whose nude photographs have been made public by the group.

A lot of private data like cell phone numbers of Hollywood celebrities are being leaked on a regular basis from the Twitter account.

The group claims that they are into this for the ‘LULZ’, which is online slang for sadistic amusement. A video released by them on the 28th of August warns Hollywood that they have been ‘allowed to run free for too long’.

With the internet being a open source of information,it would be a long time before groups like Hollywood Leaks or Anonymous can be curbed.

For the time being, it looks like Hollywood Leaks will be sticking to the last line of their announcement:

”We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”