Watch out for Cyber frauds lurking around your LinkedIn profiles. The plot is to lure you into clicking on links via emails that take you to notorious Trojans lying in wait. It’s a trap if anything, particularly designed to ensnare Windows users.

The Zeus Trojan arrives at your LinkedIn doorstep through an email which prompts you to click on a link that promises to direct you to imaginary ‘pending’ messages. It ultimately redirects you to Google. What the virus does is robs you of all your essential data. It detects the browser in use, the applications running on your Windows and deposits the Trojan into any vulnerable fissure it comes across.  After the SOS alerts that notified people about this cyber crime, the bots are either lying low or have assumed some other form of wicked malware.

The magnitude of this attack was hypnotically large. On Monday the numbers suggested 1 of every 4 spam emails docked the Zeus Trojan. This episode smartly mocks the globe that social media is. There are other viral campaigns of the malicious kinds adopting a similar line of attack. Access LinkedIn through your browser rather than links planted in your email. Think twice before giving in to links that are suspicious even in the slightest proportions ‘cause in doing so you may just have given a criminal perched somewhere a leeway into your precious privacy.

Underestimating these bots wouldn’t quite be a good idea as they are ambitiously capable of stealing your bank passwords from right under your nose.