In this new age, innovation stems from competition. The intensified war between two technology giants – Google and Microsoft – is enough proof. The race for dominance has indirectly benefited end-users as they are been served groundbreaking, customised products and services.

microsoft_office_logoFollowing suit Microsoft announced plans to release a free version of its popular Office software over the web. Users will soon have access to a word processor, note-taking program, spreadsheet and presentation. Microsoft will be offering an online version of its Office suites for PC’s with the same look and feel. Google had launched similar products threes years ago which would face competition from the widely used Microsoft Office products.

Microsoft is constantly reinventing. Last month the company introduced their very-own search engine Bing to counter the Google dominance and has managed to capture a small market share. Microsoft is making a desperate attempt to regain its market value as competition is undercutting them. Plus the competitors are unleashing competitive products for free. Google recently announced its new Google Chrome operating system which would directly challenge Windows. We had done a piece on the Google Chrome OS and its affect on Microsoft and other contenders.

Even Microsoft Office 2010 is making headlines with its scheduled release in the first half of next year. The free Microsoft Office offering will be released with the launch of  Microsoft Office 2010.