Software development tzar Microsoft which launched the 11th volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIRv11), says that Indian online users are at a high risk of being victims of online attacks.

The report says that infection trends were significantly higher in India as compared to other countries. Various parameters were used in the report which included Worms, miscellaneous Trojans, Adware, Viruses, Trojan downloaders, droppers, password stealing and monitoring tools.

In the second quarter of year, Worms became the single biggest problem for Internet Security in India followed by Trojan attacks. Despite this, the risk of the third most common threat of potentially unwanted software dropped by a small number as compared to before.

India appears to be a hot spot for the spread of viruses as well with 11.003 percent of all spambot IP addresses located in India.

The table below shows the statistics of total attacks in India as compared to the world.


Vinny Gullotto, GM for Microsoft Malware Protection Center said,

“We encourage people to consider this information when prioritizing their security practices, SIRv11 provides techniques and guidance to mitigate common infection vectors, and its data helps remind us that we can’t forget about the basics. Techniques such as exploiting old vulnerabilities, Win32/Autorun abuse, password cracking and social engineering remain lucrative approaches for criminals.”

SIRv11 even went on to suggest various measures that firms can take to decrease the risk of malware. These included Building products and services with security in mind, Educating customers and employees, upgrading to latest products and services and Considering cloud services.

The whole report can be read on the Microsoft Security Intelligence website.

Online protection has always been a serious issue with many big firms. These reports will act as an eye opener for many Indian firms who have been lacking in better Internet security infrastructure.