According to reports, Microsoft has withdrawn the ‘Gold Status’ of one of  its Indian technical support partners, Comantra,after discovering about its involvement in a scam.

Earlier this year, tech blog PC Pro had reported about a scam where employees of Comantra were conning Microsoft customers.

The scam involved the conmen calling up vulnerable customers by posing as Microsoft associates. They would then go on to say that a virus has been detected on their PC’s and can only be removed using a malware. Customers were charged close to £185 for the software.

When Microsoft investigated the matter, they confirmed the allegations and went on to cancel the Gold Status.

“We were made aware of a matter involving one of the members of the Microsoft Partner Network acting in a manner that caused us to raise concerns about this member’s business practices. Following an investigation, the allegations were confirmed and we took action to terminate our relationship with the partner in question and revoke their Gold status”,

a spokesperson for Microsoft said.

Comantra has denied its involvement in the scam and said that Microsoft’s decision came as a surprise move for them.

According to Director Rajesh Bajaj, Comantra followed the sales script given to them by Microsoft and their employees did not cheat any of its customers.

Mr. Bajaj added that the reports were a result of ‘negative marketing’ from its competitors and it cannot comment on PC Pro’s report.

With the growing amount of competition in the market, it would be hard to point out if Comantra is innocent or guilty.