Online Security Co. Spreads Alarm About Facebook Lottery Scam

The Internet has always been full of get-rich-quick scams. Now, popular social network Facebook seems to become a lucrative target for conmen.

A new scam has started on Facebook where users are sent an E-mail which claims that they have won a ‘Facebook Lottery’. If the users wants to win his prize, he has to collect it from a London based address, but before that the so- called winner has to give his or her details via courier or mail.

The scam was noticed by Internet Security provider Sophos. After they saw through the scam, they put out a warning, which included the E-Mail scam letter on their blog.

The email message is s neatly done con job with the Facebook logo acting as a letter head and the letter containing a lure of attractive monetary prizes. The message also contains a London address and a cell phone number.

“The email says that you can turn up in person at an address in London to claim your prize, but you will have to confirm your identity and eligibility. In short, it’s a scam. You never entered a Facebook lottery – so why do you think you’ve won one? Remember – you cannot win a lottery you haven’t entered”

the blog post read.

If the ‘winners’ do not want to go to the address personally, they can wire out £385 and have the paper work sent to them, via courier.

Sophos say that many people fall for such scams and vulnerable people can easily become victims of these activities.

“Lottery scams are not new, but they continue to occur because there are plenty of vulnerable people at risk of handing over their personal information or giving money to scammers in advance of their promised winnings”,

the blog said.

Facebook has not yet given out a comment on that matter. With many users doubting the security the social network offers,  it won’t be long before they probe into this scam.