“Run with a positive attitude.” Well that’s what the Mumbai marathon T-shirt off Essar read when they were team-working with Standard chartered for a period of 3 years. And it seems like they haven’t quite tired out of the thought and are hell-bent in keeping their “be positive” attitude constant as recently they have taken a huge leap keeping the same phrase in mind to the fathomless sea of the telecommunication sector.

To start with, they have the Mobile store under their wing which is in collaboration with Virgin mobiles (Mobile store being India’s 3rd largest mobile retailer and the first of its kind), a 33% stake in Vodafone, one of the largest network providers in India, and also, a stake in Loop mobile which was previously called BPL mobile. And that’s not it, as their positive attitude is actually taking over countries! Having put one foot down firmly on home soil in the communications sector they intend to step out and make a mark for themselves on the international circuit.

Already successful in leaving an imprint on Mauritius, Essar seems to head towards the continent of Africa. Essar Telecom Kenya has recently launched Kenya’s fourth mobile cellular network under the brand “yu” and they are spending time and money in Africa in collaboration with Dhabi group. Meanwhile, the Group has diversified business interests with a focus on emerging market opportunities in financial services, telecommunications and real estate.

With its portfolio expanded in 2005 to include telecommunication services in Asia and Africa, the Group aims to strengthen its reach and diversify its portfolio through a series of strategic partnerships that will help optimize its potential in the emerging markets.

Looks like positivity is finally and literally working; At least for Essar.